Environmental Management

Companies are becoming increasingly aware of their impact on the environment. Good environmental management brings with it many other benefits:

Most environmental improvements can lead to reduced costs and make a significant contribution to profitability and sustainability.

For businesses, environmental management involves identifying and controlling all aspects of business that can impact upon the environment. Such aspects include the use of energy and water, the generation of waste, usage of raw materials and chemicals, emissions to atmosphere, the generation of trade effluents etc. It is always good practice to monitor the magnitude of all these environmental aspects on an ongoing basis in order to demonstrate environmental improvement.

Another key aspect of good environmental management is compliance with the increasing amount of environmental legislation – some of which is now particularly complex such as the Environmental Permitting Regulations, the Packaging Waste Regulations and the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

Environmental management systems can be used by organisations in both the private and public sectors to help them reduce their environmental impacts, comply with relevant legislation, and demonstrate that they are managing their environmental risks and liabilities responsibly.

Walton Environmental helps companies to minimise their environmental impacts.  We have specialist knowledge in all areas of environmental management and in addition to ISO14001 and BS8555 we can also offer expertise in:

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